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We are always looking for great people who can inspire children and young people to love MOVING.


What we do and how we do it is incredibly important to us all and we are always looking for enthusiastic new people to join us so that we can deliver more sessions to more children and young people, more often, in more locations.

If you are based in Leeds and you want to work with a company that cares about doing things properly, gives ongoing training support and provides opportunities at the right level for your qualifications and experience then get in touch and start the ball rolling. Complete this application form

Or check out the Coaches Club at PE Partner to see a schedule of our upcoming CPD and interview events and to stay up to date with all the latest coaching news.

Lots of reasons to get involved.

  • Great schools to work in

  • Ongoing support from experienced mentors

  • Supported with Lesson plans and resources

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Insurance

  • Good rates of pay

  • Supportive team

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Working in partnership with leading Universities and Colleges…

PE Partner have worked with Universities and Colleges providing work experience and placements for over 10 years.

We are an approved provider of exceptional placements/work experience opportunities to students who wish to pursue a career in Sports coaching or Education.

Passionate about coaching?

Let’s hear from some coaches who have taken placements with PE Partner to gain valuable, real world experience.

“I chose to do my placement as a coach with PE Partner as I had heard positive things about the company and thought it would link well to my sports psychology course. The placement allowed me to asses the psychological factors that attributed to a good leader which I took on board and tried to add to my coaching. I started the placement with the role of an assistant coach and slowly built towards becoming a lead coach throughout the placement period; this was achieved by partaking in an “earn and learn” programme that PE Partner offered, which gave you the opportunity to achieve a level two coaching qualification while completing my placement. This programme also helped me improve at a faster pace as it would encourage self reflection after each session. The placement also furthered my coaching experience as I have coaching experience but I haven’t coached at a holiday club before; this adds other responsibilities and challenges as it would last throughout the day and we would coach multiple sports, which is an area I was not used to. Overall I enjoyed my time at PE Partner; the other coaches and staff were all nice and approachable and the lead staff were helpful. I would highly recommend a placement at PE Partner.”

Thanks, Tom

“Since becoming a part of the PE Partner team I have been provided with endless opportunities and support. From undertaking a level two coaching qualification I have gained valuable insights into the pedagogical practices adopted by coaches which I can now implement into my own coaching/teaching. In addition, this course has allowed me to gain experience in both after school clubs and holiday clubs. Moreover, the staff have been extremely helpful by equipping me with resources such as lesson plans and games to aid my planning, as well as, providing me with a PE Partner uniform. This is a fantastic organisation and I am extremely grateful to be able to work with such a brilliant team, I can’t recommend enough! I look forward to continuing my work here.”


"I started with an induction at the end of my second year looking to gain experience in coaching PE in Primary schools. My induction set me up with a consistent work schedule surrounded by qualified coaches who could guide me through the process whilst I gained my Level 2 Multisport coaching qualification. I would get regular chances to have feedback from lead coaches and put practice into leading sessions of up to 30 participants. I am now the most qualified that I have ever been in coaching and have found a company that helps me better myself as a coach and I hope to continue in my role this coming year."


“I had been looking to get back into coaching after leaving school and was excited to be given an opportunity to complete a course that seemed too good to be true, working towards a Level 2 qualification while also getting paid! I only started half way through the summer but despite this found it really easy to throw myself into it and immediately felt like part of the team. I met a lot of other coaches, including quite a few other students, and had a great time keeping the kids happy and entertained. I had a fantastic time working there this summer and hope to carry it on.”

Best regards, Alex.

Benefits and expectations of work experience with PE Partner:

  • an opportunity to develop all aspects of your coaching delivery

  • an opportunity to work with experienced coaches who will give you feedback and support

  • an understanding of the work environment and what employers expect of their workers

  • an opportunity to explore possible career options

  • increased self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence

  • increased motivation to continue study and/or undertake further training in this area

  • a better understanding of what PE (Physical Education) and PA (Physical Activity) looks like

  • an introduction to workplace recruitment practices

  • enhanced opportunities for part-time, casual employment and full time employment

  • the opportunity to include the employer's work experience evaluation in future job and course applications

  • opportunities to develop work-related competencies and acquire skills

  • build a strong cv

We recruit team members in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education legislation so…

As part of the process you will need to attend a practical interview and, if successful, you will need to carry out an enhanced DBS check with us.

When you have completed a DBS check you can register this with the DBS update service -  The annual fee is £13.00 (free if you are a volunteer) and it allows some future employment or volunteer organisations to check the status of your DBS.

Please note that not all organisations accept the Update service. PE Partner does NOT accept portability of DBS certificates and does NOT use the update service because we do not feel it is fit for purpose for the following reason.

If an allegation or criminal charge is made against a person, only the organisations where the DBS was carried out will be informed by the police. In it's current format there is no record of an organisation carrying out a check on the update services, so there is no way of the police knowing who the person is working for under a portable DBS. We are not alone in this position - the Scouts, the largest youth organisation in the UK also do not use the update service.

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