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Making Term 3 an active one for all pupils

After such a strange year, when our children have missed out on so much, it is vital that we give them lots of opportunities to be active, to share experiences with their friends and to build back the social bonds which have been so restricted.

The pandemic and lockdown are experiences they will never forget, so to put smiles back on their faces we have put together a plan for an active term 3 which will take advantage of the good weather and will see your pupils taking part in a wide range of positive physical activities, high quality PE and physically active learning. It includes special events, takes in competitions, both inter and intra and it challenges them to be creative, outdoor thinkers. Most importantly of all, it will remind them of the fun they can have through active play.

I’ve included a number of tools I think you would find useful to define your intent, aid your implementation and measure your impact.

We are here to support you, so here is our 15 point action plan

Term 3.

Special events

1. The European Championship – Football tournament (June 11 – July 11)

June sees the top 24 European nations take part in the European football Championships, so we will be running our own school tournament with a team of boys and a team of girls from year 5 representing your school in the month-long tournament;. The regional league stage will see schools play each other on your own sites throughout the month, with the 4 teams that reach the semi-finals in each of the boys and the girls competitions coming together for the final on the morning of June 11.

2. The School Olympics – Multisport Mornings

With the Olympic Games taking place in July, just after schools break up, we want to whip the children into a frenzy of interest, introduce them to some inspirational sporting heroes to follow at the games and potentially start them on a pathway to their own opportunities. So many elite athletes can cite the first Olympic games they watched and pinpoint the moment that made them want to become an athlete themselves, so we want to start the conversation with your children now to get them engaged and inspired. We’ll run the events at your school and invite two of your neighbouring schools to join us for a fun morning of Olympic inspired sporting competition. Each morning will be for a full year group, with every child taking part in every event.

The events promise to be a lot of fun AND will take advantage of the many cross curricular opportunities this presents. We will also give you the resources to build your own Olympic organising committee to learn about leadership and they’ll set up a press team to write reports, have dancers take part in the opening and closing ceremonies; develop a project to learn about the countries involved and show you how to

We want your pupils to make flags and t-shirts in the run up the event, then to join us for the parade; enjoy a picnic in our Olympic village and have fun competing for their schools in a festival of sport.

3.Grassroots evening

We want you to show your families all the pathways that exist in your area, so let’s inviting your local providers to attend an open evening at your school. Each will set up a small stall in your playground or school field with a taster activity of the activities they offer, they’ll bring information about how to join and they talk to parents and children about what is involved. Schools are in a unique position to signpost children to activity pathways, and this evening will be a great opportunity to get more of your children moving more often.

Positive Interventions

4. Lunch times – step up the step count

Some children will not engage in out of hours active school clubs, we know that. Some already have the mindset that they don’t like PE and don’t want to be part of team sports so we need a different approach to help these children grow to love moving. A child doesn’t have to play football, like tig or run around to be active; maybe going or a walk is more their style? To help them we have created a unique intervention scheme that sees us place 10 QR codes boards around your school site, you simply pick a couple of children who you feel will benefit from the steps and send them off with a school ipad on a treasure hunt, they find all 10 QR codes, scan them and answer the questions or solve the riddle. We’ll be changing the content behind each QR code on a weekly basis, so you can engage lots of children in what will essentially be going for a walk with a friend in their free time. Arm them with a trundle wheel, pedometer or step counter and ask them to track how far they have walked. If they have fun, they’ll build an association with walking and enjoyment and that’s how positive habits are formed. It’s a bit Pavlovian, but it works!

5. Playmakers Award

We are helping schools like Manor Wood Primary School in North Leeds to train up Playmakers in year 5 so that they can then help deliver structured, fun games for the lower KS1 children, usually at lunchtimes.

It’s a great course that can be delivered in 2 mornings or 1 full day and teaches them responsibility, leadership and empathy. We have had brilliant feedback from the schools that have delivered a Playmakers course and they tell us they have seen a big positive impact in engagement, making their playgrounds more active at break times. We’ve even delivered the course for lunchtime staff. It’s a nationally accredited course and all the candidates will get a certificate from SPORTSLEADERSUK.

6. Teacher CPD

We want to help your team feel more confident in the delivery of physically active learning, so we can offer twilight training sessions to show them some basic techniques and simple games to get them started. Most recently we delivered a session for All Saints Primary School in Ilkley.

It’s about setting up a positive experience and giving teachers a couple of fail-safe activities to incorporate movement into their lessons and will give them a strong start from which to build.

7. PAL & Swimming

We’re working with the team St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Wetherby on a new way of approaching swimming. We’ve split the children into swimming ability sets and now 10 children go the pool for a 90 minute lesson a week for a 4 week intensive block. They are walking to the pool, so less staff are needed, the travel costs are zero and they are getting much more interaction with the swimming teachers on the level their set need. 20 children in the class are staying in school, 10 doing intervention classroom learning with their teacher and 10 doing Physically active learning outside on the same learning objectives with our coach. The 3 groups will rotate throughout the next 12 weeks. We are getting really good feedback from the school on how this is going; the teacher is getting lots of small group work done, the children and loving the PAL activities and embedding learning and the swimming group are getting a very rich experience.

8. Lunchtime activities

We’ve just started working with Hovingham Primary School in Leeds and we are providing 3 coaches every lunchtime to deliver structured sports activities for them. It’s a big school (3 form entry) and they are finding that this is a great way to provide structure in the playground and manage engagement and behaviour.

9. After school activities

Things are slowly getting back to normal and the easing of the lockdown restrictions has seen a lot of our after school clubs coming back online. At Richmond House School in Headingley we are now running 10 clubs a week and it’s clear to see how much the children have missed it and are enjoying being back. At the start of Term 3 we’ll be back to having around 40 clubs a week and we’re in conversation with schools across the region about how to get more kids moving more often. We can work with you on clubs where your parents book and pay us directly, or if you’d prefer, on clubs where you pay us on invoice.

10. Holiday clubs

We were delighted to be able to get Easter Holiday clubs going at Morley Victoria and Churwell Primary schools this Easter and had over 50 kids over the 9 days, but we are hoping to have 10 partner venues for Springbank (June 1-4th) and up to 20 in Summer. We’d love to deliver one for your pupils.

11.Active Days

Since September, many of our partner schools, such as St Mary’s in Boston Spa, have asked children to come in in PE kit on their PE days and they have found this has worked really well for them – it reduces the time spent getting changed and means the pupils can stay in their PE kits after all day, which gives schools a great opportunity to create ‘Active Days’ where all the learning is one outside. We’ve seen some trailblazing schools give classes PE lessons, Physically Active lessons, Outdoor and Adventurous and Forrest schools sessions all in an action packed, memorable day away from the classroom.

Physical Education tools

11. PE assessments

Clearly, we are going to have to do PE assessments differently this year. Normally the coaches build on the assessments term by term to track the progress each pupil is making, but with such a stop start year that is going to be impossible this year. So talk to us about how you are assessing in other subject areas and we’ll work with you. It could be that we run a full day of Primary Fitness and Agility tests in July to establish a picture at the end of the year. The tests are delivered as fun activities and the measurements allow us to see where the children are at with the various skill areas so we can help them work on them going forwards.


As you should already know, SPIRALPE is much more than a PE Curriculum. Our partner schools have access to tools which are there to help them maximise their impact. We suggest that this is the term you really get the most out of the PE Rewards section – award PE star of the Week and PE Class of the week certificates and run these as competitions throughout the school (in the same way you do with attendance) – the class which wins the PE Class of the week most often in term 3 wins an active prize – this can be anything you like, from a game of rounders to a special visit. It’s a great way to motivate the children and to spread the message that you value PE and physical activity.

The Clubs and Fixtures section will also be a big help. It helps you manage all your physical activities (breakfast, lunch, after school, holiday clubs, fixtures and competitions (both inter and intra) in one place. It produces and easily tracks participation levels of all your pupils, helping you see patterns of engagement and spot gaps – It will highlight what you need to add to the range of provision you offer to make sure ALL pupils are getting the right opportunities.

The Clubs and Fixtures section will also be a big help. It helps you manage all your physical activities (breakfast, lunch, after school, holiday clubs, fixtures and competitions (both inter and intra) in one place. It produces and easily tracks participation levels of all your pupils, helping you see patterns of engagement and spot gaps – It will highlight what you need to add to the range of provision you offer to make sure ALL pupils are getting the right opportunities.

13. Active Schools Audit

We think all schools should adopt the Creating Active Schools Framework. The excel sheet I have attached will help you to work through the key areas of your school and develop SMART targets for each element where you can incorporate Moderate or Vigorous Physical Activity (the recommended target is 60 minutes a day).

14. Activity planner

We’ve created an editable Powerpoint screen that you can drag and drop the different activities you offer onto the timeline for each year group to help you see if you have a fair range of activities spread across the year and across the year groups. You can simply copy and paste the icons and drop them onto the timeline with your own activities. We’d encourage all our partner schools to map this out for September based on their Active Schools Audit (13).

15. Body Shapes posters

It’s really important that children recognise themselves in their heroes and see that those heroes come in all shapes and sizes and from all backgrounds, so we’ve created a free poster for school called BODY SHAPES – this shows a silhouette of everyone in the USA Olympic team, from the Weightlifters to the sprinters, and communicates the message that there is a physical activity pathway for everyone. It’s vitally important to have these kind of messages up in school to drive the narrative that PE and physical activity IS for everyone.

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