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All the workshops and courses we offer have been designed to be practical, interactive and fun. The feedback we've had tells us that they leave a lasting positive impact on those who attend and that teachers feel more confident and empowered as a result.

‘Spiral PE Training from PE Partner features pedagogical tips and techniques to deliver and effectively engage with key elements of the national PE Curriculum. It will show teachers of all abilities how to organise, differentiate, identify pupils’ movement capabilities and to challenge the most able. This is delivered in a manner that challenges the most competent primary PE teacher as well developing class teachers' skills who may be less confident in the gym, hall or playing field. A must for all primary schools who understand and appreciate the impact of having competent movers and physically literate children in their school.’ Paul Ogilvie, Senior Consultant in Physical Education & Primary (3-11) PGCE Level Leader (FHEA)Carnegie School of Education

The workshop you delivered for us gave us a great overview of games and warm ups which are easily set up. I have used most of them in my recent PE lessons and the children have thoroughly enjoyed them. Much easier to remember when you've had a practical demonstration rather than following a paper plan. I will definitely be subscribing to the videos to develop my knowledge further.

Andrea Carter, PE lead

Moorside Community School Halifax

5 stars! A fantastic day with a mixture of practical and theoretical activities. The session not only built confidence for non specialist teachers but also simplified teaching PE and created an excitement around the subject.

Evan Ladley, PE Lead

Here's what we offer:

Delivering Outstanding PE – You’ve got this

A session building teacher confidence and giving simple, effective tips and tricks to make PE lessons engaging and enjoyable. Focus on the Intent of PE.

Delivered as a 2 hours (4-6pm as a twilight session)

@ £150.00

Behaviour Management in PE – the OPAL principle

A session looking at how organisation, differentiation and personal challenge can be used as strategies to manage behaviour in, and get the most out of, PE lessons.

Delivered as a 2 hours (4-6pm as a twilight session)

@ £150.00

The Fundamental Principles of PE delivery and organisation

Breaking down the why and how of primary PE. In this session we look at how teachers can encourage movement development, teach basic skills and challenge and progress physical aptitude in children from reception through to year 6.

Delivered as a half day inset

@ £250.00

Love and understand what PE can do for you

A practical and interactive workshop day which will give teachers an understanding of the power outstanding PE has. We'll look at how to build stronger relationships with pupils, what outstanding PE should look like through Intent, Implementation and Impact and how to teach physically active learning skills. Teachers will come away with a positive attitude to PE and a tool kit of strategies, games and activities.

Delivered as a full day inset

@ £450.00

Love Physical Active Learning

There should be 2 hours of PE and at least 3 other Physically active lessons each week for every child, so we developed this practical and interactive workshop day which will give teachers the confidence to plan and embed physically active learning opportunities into their lessons whatever the subject. This day long inset gives teachers lots of practical ideas for active delivery (both in and outside the classroom) and shows just how effective this method of teaching can be in engaging pupils and how useful it can be in terms of assessment and pupils demonstrating understanding.

Delivered as a full day inset

@ £450.00

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