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We are an accredited SportsLeaders UK qualification centre, so as well as training coaches and teachers, we deliver the nationally recognised Playmakers Award to your year 4,5 and 6 pupils. It’s a fantastic course which helps them to gain key leadership skills and helps you to increase engagement in your younger pupils.

Playmaker Award

The PLAYMAKER award is a nationally recognised course from SPORTSLEADERSUK which promotes and develops the following skills:

  • leadership

  • physical activity

  • literacy

  • home school relationship

  • confidence (particularly speaking in front of a group)

  • self and peer evaluation

What’s involved?

The delivery focuses on developing learner’s leadership skills.

By the end of the course, the learner will have skills to set up simple games and/or activities that they are familiar with and understand the four key factors that affect their activities.

The learners will feel confident in assisting to lead a small group of peers or younger children under direct supervision. The course supports the Key Stage 2 curriculum for English, Physical Education, PSHE and Citizenship.

Leadership Challenges

All candidates that complete the course competently will receive a certificate. There are extra certificates of gold, silver, bronze and outstanding contribution for pupils to work towards by clocking up leadership activities in a variety of settings for example a school time club, out of hours activity club e.g. Cubs, school fair, PE etc. These also include writing sports reports or doing displays.

Each certificate is gained by completing more leadership challenges across the activity areas. Pupils record these activities in their Learners Journals.

How much does it cost?

The cost includes course delivery, candidate resources and certification for up to 15 candidates:-

It can be done in lesson time for 15 candidates (great post SATS for y6) (2 x 3 hours) @ £350.00

It can be delivered as an After school club - over a 8 week programme, @ £350.00 (ex VAT)

Who is it for?

This is an ideal course for pupils in Year 5 so that the school benefits from having Playmakers for at least a year. It's also a fantastic post SATS activity for Year 6 children.

Playtime or Lunch Club Playground activities

This award can be the starting point for setting up a playtime activity group that the playmakers can run together under the supervision of an adult for up to 15 mins. They will have the skills to set up the activities for a given group of peers or younger children (max. 10), explain the task and tidy away the equipment. All activities must be led under direct adult supervision. This is designed to help children in school reach their target amount of movement time for the day.

Additional Purchases...

PlayMakers Equipment Box

The school can also purchase a bag of equipment that can aid the leaders in delivering sessions after they have achieved the award it would be appropriately stocked with the equipment they would need to run the activities they have learnt for a small group of peers or younger children.

The children can have responsibility for the bag and its contents without interfering with the equipment in the PE cupboard.

We have a fantastic partnership with YPO to provide this equipment bag for you.

  • Cone stack (5 colours x 20)

  • sponge balls x 24

  • bean bags x 24

  • tennis balls x 24

  • large soft balls x 4

  • bibs x 10 (red)

    bibs x 10 (blue)

  • tennis rackets x 8

  • footballs (size 3) x 5

  • basket balls (size 3) x 5

  • Storage Box x 1

£293.00 (excluding VAT)

Simply drop us a line and we’ll arrange this for you.

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